Wales GB Rally

Last weekend we went to the Wales GB rally.
It was a brilliant day for it as the two photos show.  It was cold (- 3°C) but without any clouds at all, so it was gloriously sunny.

We went to stage SS18 Rheola near Glyn-Neath at Walters Arena.  This is a great place to watch if you want to have a good look at the cars.  The stage goes through a man-made bowl (actually an old open-cast site) and the stage loops back and fore in front of a sloping bank where you can stand. The main photo shows the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX (no. 41) driven by Andreas Aigner (Austria) with Wicha Klaus (Germany).

The second photo shows part of the stage right in front of the viewing slope – strangely this was the only Welsh flag on display!

A good day out, and only one speed camera spotted all day!

Photos by Kee.