Why the music industry is dying…a friend of mine Em made a great vid of her year in Paris.  She added a backing track that was really apt for the vid.  It’s a track that’s pretty cool.

I hosted the video on YouTube for Emma so her friends could see it. Emma has a lot of friends!

I just received a copyright notice for the vid because it has copyright music in it. So I’ve deleted it.

But when I originally saw the video I thought that’s a pretty cool song, so I tracked it down on iTunes and bought it, with real money.  That’s a real sale because of Em using that track in her video.

Imagine if say only 5% of people who viewed the video thought the same and bought the track, that’s quite a few sales.  But instead UMG would prefer to exert their legal copyright and stop Emma and me using their music to back her video.

So their copyright is protected, but you’ll never know what that great track is, and you’ll never buy it, and they’ll never get your £1.

That’s why the music industry is dying.

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