Tinkinswood Burial Chamber

View of the Tinkinswood Burial ChamberSomewhere a bit different today – a visit to a Neolithic burial chamber right in the middle of the Vale of Glamorgan. I’ve always seen the signs to Tinkinswood but have never visited. It’s pretty amazing and compliments the nearby St Lythan’s Dolmen – you can visit both in a couple of hours if you wish. No need to travel to Orkney to see some really impressive Neolithic archeology.

The burial chamber is big and dates from around 4,000BC. You wonder how they managed to get the 40 ton capstone on top.

View of the Tinkinswood Burial ChamberWe visited the site whilst hunting out a Geocache – this is where you locate hidden “treasures” using your hand-held GPS device. It’s lots of fun for the family and it’s a good way of getting the kids to go out walking – they love the “treasure” that is normally found at the end of the walk. Though like today you may not always find the cache. 🙁 For more information visit http://www.geocaching.com/ and register.

You can park relatively close by and walk the 400 yards or so across the fields – not recommended when it’s very wet and muddy unless you’re togged up.

For a map of where to park and the location click here.