Useful South Wales Links

Here are some links to South Wales related sites that you may find useful.

I’ve included links to various sites related to South Wales and UK weather.  I find the rain radar and satellite views of South Wales really useful.  I’ve also included some useful links on road, rail and air travel within and from South Wales.

You may also find the links to the main South Wales cinemas useful as well.

Lastly I’ve included a couple of links to information on the South Wales tides.  The tides off the coast are some of the highest in the world and you should take great care in checking the tides before you walk along the beach or cliff base anywhere on the coast.  Many people have been cut-off and drowned whilst walking along the coastal platform.

UK and South Wales Weather:

  • BBC, BBC weather page for Cardiff
  • Metcheck – Cardiff weather from Metcheck
  • Cardiff Weather Forecast – useful Cardiff weather page from World Weather Online
  • UK Met Office – the main UK Met office site, useful for UK weather.
  • Rain Radar – a really useful view of the current rain fall across Wales and the UK.  Allows you to see how the rain is moving across the country.
  • Satellite View – a satellite view using visible light taken every hour by the Met Office.
  • UK Snow Map – updated in realtime from snow reports from Twitter users
  • Cool Weather Map – a world sunlight map with the current satellite views overlaid. Amazing!