Melingriffith Water Pump, Glamorganshire Canal

Just before the Covid-19 lock-down started we visited the Long Wood Nature Reserve in north Cardiff. Running through the Reserve is part of the old Glamorganshire Canal.

Nearby is the Mellingriffith Water Pump. The pump was built around about 1793 to pump waste water from the nearby tin plate works into the canal to maintain water levels.

Melingriffith Water Pump sign
Melingriffith Water Pump sign

The pump was powered by a water wheel connected to oak rocking beams which pumped water via vertical cylinders.

The pump ceased operations in the first half of the 20th century.

It has been restored a couple of times since then.

Just across the road is Oak Cottage. This original cottage was immediately adjacent to a lock on the canal. The road that runs alongside the cottage basically follows the route of the old canal.

It’s well worth a visit, and can be combined with a nice walk through the nearby nature reserve along the remnants of the old Glamorganshire canal.

Well worth a visit.

Oak Cottage, Melingriffith
Oak Cottage, Melingriffith

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