Pennard Castle and Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

View across Three Cliffs Bay, GowerOver the Christmas holiday period we had a trip to Pennard on the Gower.  We walked across the Pennard Golf Course to the ruins of Pennard Castle. The ruins date from the 13th century.

If you fancy the walk to the castle then park in Linkside Drive (marked on this map). Park near the village shop.

As you walk across the golf course and the sand dunes then you get a great view across to the headland at Oxwich.

As you walk a bit further then you come to the castle itself. It’s an impressive ruin and is doing well for itself considering that it’s over 700 years old!

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower and Pennard Castle

When you get to the castle then you have a great view down onto the beach at Three Cliffs Bay and across the bay to Oxwich in the distance.  The walk from Linkside Drive to the castle takes about 20 minutes.  Make sure that you stay on the paths and don’t wander onto the golf course!

Three Cliffs Bay from Pennard Castle, GowerThree Cliffs Bay is a great beach but you need to visit it when the tide is out. (Check the tides at the Mumbles here).

The beach itself is best approached from the footpath by the Pennard Golf Club House though parking is limited.  If you are travelling by bus then get off by the club house and follow the footpath.  It’s about a 20 minute walk to the beach from the road, about ¾ of a mile each way.

You can also clamber down to the beach from Pennard Castle but depending on the tide you may have to ford the river to reach the beach.  If you are not fit and active then the footpath from the golf club is the safest route.

Three Cliffs Bay is named after the 3 prominent crags that over-look the beach.  They are popular with climbers practising their skills.  There are no facilities on the beach at all, so take all you need with you.