Sigginstone Plane Crash March 12th 1950

The village of Sigginstone (or Sigingstone) near Cowbridge is famous for two things – the Victoria Inn pub and the Llandow Plane Crash.

On Sunday March 12th 1950 an Avro Tudor V was returning from Dublin with 78 rugby supporters on board.  The previous day Wales had won the coverted Triple Crown in Belfast.  75 passengers and all 5 crew were killed.

In 1990, on the 40th anniversary of the air disaster a plaque was placed on a memorial stone to record the crash and to remember those people who had lost their lives.

18 years on the plaque was looking a little grubby, so the residents of Sigginstone have arranged for the plaque to be cleaned and the lettering re-painted. Two new benches are also about to be installed for the use of visitors to the memorial, and for passing walkers on one of the Valeway’s Heritage Trails.

Llandow Community Council arranged financing from the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s CASH grant scheme to pay for the work.

The first two photos show the renovated plaque.  The third photo shows the memorial stone to the right.  The plane crashed on the far bank behind the trees to the left.  The nose of the aircraft was just up against the 2nd telegraph pole that can just about be made out in the mist in the far distance.

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